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Exploring the wonders of Big Cottonwood Canyon and the rest of mountain landscapes in and around Utah inspires a sense of wonder and appreciation of the great values of living closer to nature and practising the sports you can only engage in the great heights and slopes of mountains around the world. Learn everything from camping, nature, exploring, hiking, to skiing, snowboarding, and even keeping yourself safe among the mountains!

Reservoir Ridge Big Cottonwood Climbing

Rock Climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon For Beginners

Rock Climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon For Beginners Rock climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon is some of the best in the world! The high canyon walls, grippy quartzite, and history of climbing in the canyon combine for unbeatable conditions for climbers of any ability. Throughout the canyon you can have your pick of thousands of

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what to pack on a ski vacation

What To Pack On A Ski Vacation

Traveling from a temperate climate to the harsher mountain weather can be a challenge! It can often dip into the negatives on colder days. This means that while you’re staying here it is important to have the right equipment. When guests come to visit us here in the Brighton Chalets, they often ask us what

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5 Tips for a Brighton Fishing Adventure

Brighton sits at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake County. If you are looking for a summer adventure here, you won’t be disappointed. There are a lot of incredible activities ranging from short relaxing hikes to exciting rock climbs, and everything in between. One of the most popular activities in this canyon

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