Mountain Biking in Brighton

Places to go mountain Biking around Brighton

If you love to go mountain biking, then Brighton is exactly the place for you.

There are many trails to ride at the Ski Resort, and you can also visit Solitude Resort down the street and access a vast trail system using their ski lifts.

Some of the best mountain biking trails in Brighton include:
  • Wasatch Crest: This trail is great for expert riders. It is a wide, well-maintained trail that winds through the canyons.
  • Solitude Resort: This resort has a great mountain biking trail system that is accessible via the ski lifts. This is a great place for advanced riders who want to challenge themselves.
  • Brighton Ski Resort: The ski resort has a variety of mountain biking trails, from easy to expert. This is a great place to ride if you want to be able to enjoy the scenery while you bike.

Bike Rentals

If you are new to mountain biking and don’t want to commit to buying a bike, or you can’t bring yours out, a lot of rental options are available in the area. Solitude Mountain Resort provides mountain bike rentals with helmets included.

If you plan further in advance there are a number of other bike shops in Salt Lake City that can provide you with the necesary equipment. There, you should find the right size and type you’re looking for, as well as the mountain biking gear you might need.

All of the shops are very attentive and will help you find the gear that’s right for you. It’s well worth the money to try this exhilirating sport, and once you start, you’ll never want to stop.

Scenic Biking Trails

You are on your way to experiencing over 20 miles of scenic trails. There’s also Summer and Winter trail maps so that you can explore hikes, mountain biking trails, ski runs, Nordic and snowshoeing trails.

Keep hydrated, stay safe, wear a helmet, and experience the mountains from the unique perspective of a bike ride.


Competitive Brighton Mountain Biking

All around the Wasatch mountains and Salt Lake City you’ll find challenges and mountain biking racing in Brighton filled with intensity, and emotion.

If mountain biking is your thing, you might want to learn more about the trails and events available on your visit. Just don’t forget to wear a helmet and ride safely!

Brighton is great for mountain bikers of all abilities. With so many trails and incredible views, after one ride you’ll be hooked for life. For more information about mountain biking near the Brighton resort, be sure to contact us!