Hiking In Brighton

Stepping Along the Trails

Hiking is one of the biggest draws for Brighton, UT. If you are interested in seeing wildlife, nature and some of the most beautiful views in the world this is the destination for you. Just steps from Brighton Vacation Rentals you can access Lake Mary and Silver Lake trailheads.


Silver Lake Hike

The Silver Lake hike is a family-friendly trek, and you can even take a stroller around the lake on the boardwalk. Hikers report seeing ducks, fish, squirrels, and moose on the trail. Make sure to keep your distance from moose when hiking this trail. Families will enjoy visiting the Silver Lake adventure center to learn about the wildlife and plant life in the area.

Lake Mary Hike

The Lake Mary Trail is a simple trail that gets a bit rocky during warmer months and deep in snow during winter. All in all, it is a breezy, breathtaking trail that takes you through forests and mountains.


Donut Falls Hike

Donut Falls Hike is a guest favorite, roughly 3.5 miles out and back to the waterfall. The best time to hike donut falls is during the Summer. If you hike in the Spring or fall just make sure to wear warm clothes and bring something warm to drink. 

Your group will be amazed at the beautiful river and scenic views. The waterfall halfway through the hike is spectacular and you will want to make sure to bring a camera.