Utah Skiing: Northern Utah Ski Resorts and Areas

The Wasatch Mountains in the state of Utah usually receive more than 500 inches of snow annually. This incredible natural resource has been inspiring athletes and adrenaline junkies for over a century. The most common sports practiced in these parts are skiing and snowboarding. That has, however, changed in recent years as snow bikes, snow surfing, and other newer snow sports have begun to grow in popularity on the Utah ski mountains.

Skiing in Brighton: History

Skiing was brought to Utah near the year 1870 by Norwegian immigrants to the state. It began as a mode of transportation for mail carriers and other occupations. By the early 1900’s ski touring and ski jumping had begun to grow in popularity throughout the Wasatch mountains. The sport continued to pick up steam to the point where the first ski lifts began operation. The first lift in Utah was opened at the Brighton Ski Resort in 1937. Since that time, 14 other ski resorts have opened in the state. In 2002, it provided the venue for the Winter Olympics where its snow was nicknamed “the greatest snow on earth“.

Home Of The Greatest Snow On Earth

The snow in Utah is dry and fluffy, which is perfect for riding cleanly down these spectacular slopes. This is due to the fact that the Utah ski weather provides frequent storms to maintain the perfect balance of snow to enjoy. The Cottonwood Canyons, home to the Brighton Ski Resort and the Solitude Mountain Resort regularly experience ideal temperatures and levels of precipitation allow for an excellent experience all year long in ski in, ski out Utah adventures

Utah is one of the snowiest places on the planet. It averages more than 500 inches of snow annually. That amounts to about one foot of snow every five days all winter long! The snow in Utah is dry and there are plenty of bluebird days, so you don’t even need Gore-Tex to stay warm and dry! What other ski destinations can compete with conditions like that?

Utah Ski Resorts
Utah Ski Resorts
Utah Ski Resorts
Utah Ski Resorts

Utah Ski Area Accessibility

If you’re looking for places to ski in Utah, there are a lot of options for you to pick. One that’s highly recommended is the world-famous Big Cottonwood Canyon. It features two of the most impressive mountains, with lift access to groomed trails and unparalleled backcountry riding. Solitude Resort offers day skiing every day, and the Brighton Ski Resort also offers day skiing every day, as well as night skiing Monday through Saturday. Solitude Resort has 8 functioning chairlifts, with 80 named runs and 11 Nordic trails. Brighton Resort contains 6 functioning lifts, 66 named runs, and 5 different terrain parks throughout the resort.

Both of these resorts feature a variety of terrain for all skill levels. They both provide lift access to bunny hills, group and private lessons, and hundreds of acres of terrain for you to explore all winter long. Both resorts also offer season passes, day passes, Go cards, and midweek passes throughout the year. 

brighton utah ski in ski out resort
Snowboard Utah

PS. Canyon closures and lack of parking occur throughout the season so it’s best to find somewhere to stay in the area for better accessibility to the Utah ski resorts. 

Ski Trip Planning

Thousands of people show up daily over the winter to experience the greatest snow on earth. Whether you are from out of state or a local ski enthusiast, it’s important to plan ahead to get the most out of your trip. Northern Utah ski resorts are getting busier every year which makes parking a little more difficult. The lots often fill up early in the morning, and it is becoming increasingly important to stay in the canyon to enjoy the best days. At Brighton Vacation Rentals, we focus on providing you with the best ski in ski out lodging options for you to enjoy your stay while facilitating full access to the resorts and everything they have to offer. Contact our expert team to make sure you never miss a day of skiing in Utah again!

Ski lodge
Ski lodge

Utah Ski Resorts

Brighton Ski Resort

Sitting at the very top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, you can enjoy tons of the greatest snow on earth on their groomed trails, massive terrain parks, and exclusive backcountry access.

Solitude Mountain Resort

Located just  below the Brighton Ski Resort, you can experience the same fluffy Utah snow, while enjoying their expansive trail system and gourmet slope side restaurants.