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How To Pick Your Utah Ski Resort

During wintertime it’s a great idea to visit a Utah ski resort and spend some relaxing days playing in the beautiful and unique Utah snow.

Just in case it is your first time planning a ski vacation, here at Brighton Vacation Rentals we’re giving you some recommendations to pick the best ski resorts in Utah for families!

Recommendations for your Family Ski Vacation in Utah

Resort Accessibility

One important factor to consider is how accessible it’s from the city or town. You never know when you’ll need to go to the pharmacy or buy food. 

Also if you’re a tourist, you need to consider if the ski resort is close to the airport or how much time will it take you to arrive on time for your flight. 

Type and Size 

It’s important to check the size and type of resorts where you want to stay. There are resorts for experienced skiers, for adults only, ecological ski resorts and more.

But if you’re planning a family vacation to Utah, you must pick Brighton Ski Resort, this family ski resort is ideal because it’s close to the best rental homes in Utah (just a few minutes away).  

Snow Quality

best type of snow is in Utah

Although we already know that the best type of snow is in Utah, you might also want to consider the snow records and the snow height. 

You should check which is the best time to visit the resorts or if you’re planning to visit while it isn’t crowded how is the quality of the snow to enjoy your snow trip. If you’re wondering about the conditions at Brighton, call us at 435-200-9700


After spending the whole day skiing you’ll need the perfect suite accommodations to rest and recharge your energy. The best option is to have big spacious rooms and good quality furniture like you will find at Brighton Vacation Rentals

More Activities

snow activities in Utah

When you go to a ski resort it is important to know what other activities in the snow you can find in that area 

For example, did you know you can also have snow hiking trails or maybe some cross-country skiing? Activities like this are important because they will help you enjoy your family ski vacation in Utah.

With these recommendations, you’re ready to choose the perfect Utah ski resort for your next family vacation.

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