What You Need to Know About the Big Cottonwood Canyon Bike Trails

What You Need to Know About Big Cottonwood Canyon Bike Trails

Big Cottonwood Canyon is a paradise for active travelers and nature lovers that seek to connect with the wild and keep themselves doing physical activities while getting to know the beauty of Salk Lake City.

This great area features a lot of interesting places, and due to its location, it also offers spaces where different activities can be done at different times of the year. Winter is ideal for skiing, while during the summer you can fish, camp, climb, go on bicycles and always walk surrounded by nature, flowers, and unique sights. In that sense, we are glad to share with you some of the best bike trails that you go ride while you’re at Big Cottonwood Canyon.

01. Desolation

Going up this trail is a big challenge. There are plenty of small water dams made of wood, which makes climbing is quite an adventure, although climbing down is a lot easier.

This trail flows very well due to a large amount of space along its route, which gives cyclists the opportunity to enjoy themselves and recover energy while surrounded by nature.

On this trail, you’ll travel alongside 2.3 miles up to an altitude of one and a half miles above sea level. You can finish this trail with a mountain bike, on foot, or even while participating in a mountain race! Just keep in mind you’ll have to be prepared to climb all the way!

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02. Silver Fork

This trail is truly challenging since it has plenty of loose, it’s recommended that you mark alternate routes along this trail to avoid the steeper paths.

If you love hiking, this trail is ideal for that, but you can still go along this path on a mountain bike, or better yet, plan a race with your friends!

This trail goes up to 1.8 miles and goes a total distance of 1.3 miles high, so be ready for action towards a very steep and rocky mountaintop.

03. Beartrap Fork

Find adventure and try out this round trip trail by completing this 4.3 miles that go up 2.3 miles high, all surrounded by nature, and while enjoying the different shades of green the foliage shows around these parts.

This trail is ideal for skiing during winter and hiking during summer, making for an easy trek during the day. The best time to traverse this path is from April to September.

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04. Days Fork Trail

You can enjoy a great tour through this trail with friends or family along the 5.6 miles while going to the end and back, which takes approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes to traverse completely.

This trail is ideal to visit during any time of year, you can go hiking and mountain biking through here, enjoying the peaceful sights over an incomparable landscape.


05. Lower Mineral Fork

Ideal for mountain bikes, electric bikes, walking, horse riding, and motocross during the summer, as well as snowmobiles during winter.

This rocky and steep path is great for sports lovers, hikers, and bikers. This is The only trail that’s authorized for the use of motorbikes in this area.

The total stretch of this trail on a round trajectory is 9.2 miles and it takes approximately 6 hours.

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