Utah is the mecca for hiking and the city of Brighton is no exception. In Brighton Utah, you will find the best hiking trails in the west. In case you’re thinking of making a trip to this area and want to try some Brighton Utah hiking trails, we have a list of 5 tips that will help you have the best experience.

For some more helpful information, we have another blog with the best hiking trails in Cottonwood Canyon for families.

Brighton Utah Hiking Trails Tips

1. Don't Forget The Essentials

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One of the essentials for any hike is a bottle of WATER! You have to keep yourself hydrated and bring plenty of water when you go. Especially in summer, with the dry weather, at least two quarts per day is recommended. 

Another essential is wearing the appropriate gear, and shoes are one of the most important items to consider. Long sleeve t-shirts and long pants are a great option for apparel. For shoes try using hiking shoes, stay away from flip flops and looser shoes! 

The last essential is to bring some granola bars or energy bars. While hiking, you will need a lot of energy, and a good way to keep your energy up while hiking is to eat an energy bar. They are also convenient because you can keep them anywhere with little extra weight.

2. Partner Up

hiking with friends
utah hiking with friends

Hikers always recommend that if you’re planning to do any type of hike, bring at least one other person with you in case of an emergency or any setback. This is extremely important, especially if it’s your first time doing a hike. 

Another added benefit is that while you’re hiking with friends, you can share the carrying essentials and you can bring more supplies in your backpack. Planning and resolving problems is a characteristic of quality relationships, and this is a great way to strengthen that.

3. Pick Less Crowded Trails

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lake Mary Brighton utah
big cottonwood canyon Brighton utah

As we already mentioned, Utah is the mecca of hiking with a lot of National & State Parks all over the city, but a great tip is to go to Brighton Utah because it is less crowded. Most people like going to parks, but there are tons of places here that are just as beautiful. 

The trails in Brighton are incredible, and here you can find perfect ones for beginners and experts alike. Big Cottonwood Canyon is an ideal place to go, with lots of fun hikes you can try!

4. Check The Weather

brighton utah winter
Brighton utah summer

Whether you are hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking or trying any other outdoor activity, it is important to check the weather days before because it will determine what activities you will be able to do. 

Utah’s weather isn’t as unpredictable as in other states, but in the summer it can be really hot and dry while in the winter it can be very cold and cloudy. So while planning, consider checking the weather 2 or 3 days before your trip to take the proper gear and food, to enjoy your hike.

5. Pick Your Hike

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Brighton has different types of hikes to try. Before you try one, you should definitely do your research to find the very best hiking trail for you, and try to familiarize yourself with it ahead of time.

To pick the best hike take into consideration the level of difficulty, the best season to do it, an estimate for the time of the hike, and be sure to have a map of the route beforehand. Take it easy if it’s your first time or if you are hiking with beginners. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy the trail!

Consider these tips for hiking in Brighton Utah on your next adventure. Explore Brighton any time of year. You’ll always find a fun outdoor activity to try. Stay close to Big Cottonwood Canyon to enjoy everything from hiking to mountain biking, disc golf and more! Contact us now!