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Tips For Getting Lift Tickets To Ski In Brighton, Utah

We absolutely love ski vacations in Utah! There’s nothing better than carving on fresh powder or flying down the perfectly manicured groomers. However, with all the amazing aspects of a winter vacation, people often forget that they take a lot of work to plan. The first challenge is finding a place to stay. Lucky for you we have lots of blogs about how to find the best lodging for a ski trip in Brighton, Utah (If you’re visiting Utah, Brighton is the best place to go).The second challenge is getting lift tickets to ski in Brighton, Utah. To help you get one step closer to your dream vacation, we’ve written this blog to tackle that challenge.

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    lift tickets brighton utah ski

    Where to Purchase Lift Tickets In Brighton

    There are a lot of places to purchase ski passes at the resorts in Utah. We always recommend purchasing directly from the resort for a safer and more reliable experience. It’s never fun to show up and find out your tickets were never issued by a third party site. There are a lot of companies and stores that offer discount codes and offers for different things like night skiing at the Brighton Resort. We definitely encourage you to look for these deals because you can often find two for one passes which can save you a ton of money! Passes can be purchased on their website, but a lot of the deals require you to purchase your tickets at the window in the resort.

    When to Purchase Lift Tickets

    When you’re planning a ski vacation it is crucial that you plan ahead. Lift tickets in Brighton, Utah are no exception to this rule. We always recommend buying your tickets in advance for a couple of reasons. The biggest reason to buy your tickets in advance is to avoid the huge lines that form each morning. Waiting can often take more than an hour of your precious time on the slopes. 

    When to buy lift tickets brighton

    Another big reason is to avoid the stress on your trip! Preparing all of your gear and getting onto the slopes is difficult enough without adding an extra step. When you buy ahead of time you can just grab your pass and hit the mountain! As an added bonus, tickets are cheaper online when you buy ahead of time.

    What Type of Pass Should I Get?

    Brighton Resort is our favorite resort for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is their variety of pass options. They offer something for everyone so that you only have to pay for what you need. If you’re a beginner, they offer a learners pass that allows you to ride the two smaller lifts on the resort. From these two lifts you can advance your abilities with plenty of terrain to keep you entertained for days. If you’re ready for a little more, check out some of the other lift tickets in Brighton Utah.


    If you’re more advanced, but aren’t looking for a full day on the slopes you can try one of their half day passes. These service all of the lifts in the resort from 12 PM to 4 PM for a fraction of the price. You can also get a night skiing pass for even cheaper that provides access to 4 of the lifts in the park after 4 PM. Finally, if you’re in it for the long haul you can purchase a 7 hour day pass from 9 AM to 4 PM or a super day pass that runs from 9 AM to 9 PM. That’s a whole 12 hours of the greatest snow on earth! For the full day passes they offer additional discounts for children, youth, and military. Best of all, kids 10 and under ski free with a paying adult!

    What Do Lift Tickets in Brighton, Utah Include?

    When you purchase a lift pass, they only include access to the lifts at the resort. The number of lifts as well as the hours of operation will depend on which ticket you purchase. If you are unsure about what ticket is right for you, the staff will be happy to help you make the right decision. If you are looking to combine your ticket with rentals or lessons, keep reading!


    Can I Include Rentals or Food With My Ticket?

    The Brighton Resort offers one adult intro package that provides new adult skiers and snowboarders the option to bundle their lift ticket, equipment rental, and a two hour lesson in one reduced rate. This does not include food during the day. They also  have separate rental packages and a variety of restaurants on the mountain for you to choose from. These are great options if you are looking to pack lighter on your Utah ski vacation. 

    For more information about the amenities available on the mountain, check out the Brighton Resort webpage.

    PS. If you’re looking for a delicious lunch in the resort for the whole family, try the pizza at Molly Greens!
    We hope this blog helps to make planning your next Utah ski vacation a breeze. For any additional information check out some of our other posts on the blog, or contact us directly at Brighton Vacation Rentals. Our team of travel professionals has all the information you need to have an unforgettable family vacation in Utah.