5 Brighton Mountain Biking Trails

Summer is getting closer and if you like exploring new places with your bike we have something for you!  

At Brighton Vacation Rentals, we made a list of the best Brighton mountain biking trails you can do while visiting the city.

Best Mountain Biking in Utah

1. Wasatch Crest Trail

Known as the best mountain biking singletrack trail in Utah, Wasatch Crest will satisfy any biker with 20 kilometers of pure adrenaline paths. This trail has many access points but the most popular ones are in Big Cottonwood Canyon, Millcreek Canyon and Park City.

The trail features steep climbs and exciting descents that make this a fun challenge. The riding season starts in July, so it’s the perfect addition to your next summer adventure!

Its high alpine peaks with 360-degree views allows you to admire the fabulous views of the granite peaks to the south in Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood.

2. Mid Mountain Trail

It’s the perfect combination of difficulty and excitement with a lot of descents and ridge-top riding. Make sure to prepare yourself before trying this trail because it sits at almost 8,000 feet above sea level.

There are 2 popular access points; one is from the Park City Mountain Resort and the other is at the bottom of the Mid Mountain trail in Deer Valley. 

This 32 kilometer singletrack is a combination of deep forest, brief passes, and beautiful ridgelines. This is considered an easy/intermediate trail. 

3. Prospector Area Trail

Don’t be fooled by its length, this 11.5 kilometer trail has everything from challenging climbs to amazing descents. Some parts are a little sandy, but you can ride it with no problem. 

This fast spin trail has 3 trailheads; the most popular is at Highland Park (located at the exit I-15 at Washington Parkway) the others are at the Red Cliffs Recreation Area and at the entrance of the Cottonwood Trail.

The trail does a figure 8 and is very easy to follow, but it’s always better to map your route beforehand as a precaution. 

4. Spiro Trail

The Spiro trail is very smooth and ideal for beginners. It is clear of major obstacles and technical features making it a very fast and exciting trail.

It’s the shortest trail on this list at only 5 kilometers in length. This used to be a climb and descent trail but with the addition of more trails in the area it is now a downhill trail only.

5. Lost Prospector Trail

The Lost Prospector trail offers longer descents and more cross-mountain riding. While this is a relatively easy trail, accessing the entrance may be a little more difficult without a shuttle.

Enjoy the incredible views of the mountains in Park City while riding this 6 kilometers singletrack. This trail begins at an altitude of 6800 feet, and reaches a peak of 7100.

If it’s your first time mountain biking in Utah, this is the perfect trail to try because it’s short and fun!

We hope this list of the best Brighton mountain biking helps make your Brighton adventure unforgettable

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