Snowboarding in Brighton, Utah​

With more than 500 inches of light powdery snowfall each year, snowboarding in Brighton is some of the best in the world. The Brighton Ski Resort features world class terrain parks as well as more than a thousand acres of beautiful mountain to explore. Snowboarders can enjoy the laidback environment while hitting the incredible features with the local pros. Brighton is truly a snowboarder’s paradise.

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Snowboarding in Brighton: History

Since the early 1970’s, snowboarding has been an important part of the snow culture in Utah. One of the earliest snowboard prototypes the “Winterstick” was tested and sold right outside the Salt Lake Valley. Snowboarding continued to grow in popularity, but as tensions rose between the skiers and snowboarders, many resorts began prohibiting the use of snowboards and other non traditional snow sports. With the decrease in sales, Wintersticks was forced to close down, but the snowboard revolution continued on.

In 1986, after years of disputes, ski resorts in Utah finally began to permit other non traditional snow sports on their slopes again. Snowboard enthusiasts began to open up shops throughout the valley and the sport began to thrive again.

Today snowboarding is one of the most popular winter sports in the world, and more and more people flock to Utah every year to practice on the greatest snow on earth.


Tips for Snowboarding in Brighton, Utah


Ski and snowboard schools are great for the aspiring winter athlete, and there are incredible schools available at the Brighton Ski Resort and the Solitude Mountain Resort. If you are a beginner, snowboarding in Brighton is ideal because there is a huge range of difficulty in the terrain. It is even known as the place where Utah learns to ski and snowboard! 

At both resorts you will find great rental options and a very friendly staff that can help you find everything you need for an amazing snowboarding vacation.

Snowboarding is a very different experience from almost any other sport, including skiing. Common snowboards are long symmetrical fiberglass, wood, and metal boards that allow riders to glide down the snow. Two bindings are mounted on the top that are strapped to the boots of the rider which keep them mounted in place. As the board glides down the mountain, the rider uses their feet in order to turn the board and dig in to the snow allowing them to slow down or to stop. This motion is referred to as carving. 

For new riders, it is important to start with mellow slopes because carving on steeper inclines is more difficult and dangerous. Start off small and as you become more confident you can begin to move into the more difficult grades.



PS. Canyon closures and limited parking can be a common issue during the season. Check out some of the biggest reasons why we love staying in the canyon during the best snow days of the year.

Ski Trip Planning

There’s nothing better than enjoying a beautiful powder day on the slopes. Unfortunately, everyone wants to experience it so parking and accessibility in the canyon can often be a headache. The traffic in the canyon leads to long mornings, and when the parking is gone, there’s not much you can do. That’s why we always recommend staying in the canyon during your trip. Our ski in ski out rentals offer guests the opportunity to wake up minutes before the resort opens and still be one of the first riders on the mountain. That means no traffic, no parking hassle, a stress  free day on the mountain and a luxurious stay in an incredible mountain resort. Plan your trip ahead and experience the full potential of your snowboarding retreat in Brighton, Utah.

Ski lodge
Ski lodge

Utah Ski Resorts

Brighton Ski Resort

Sitting at the very top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, you can enjoy tons of the greatest snow on earth on their groomed trails, massive terrain parks, and exclusive backcountry access.

Solitude Mountain Resort

Located just  below the Brighton Ski Resort, you can experience the same fluffy Utah snow, while enjoying their expansive trail system and gourmet slope side restaurants.